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Snickerdoodle: Indulge Your Senses & Nourish Your Skin

Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and imagine... the warm aroma of freshly baked snickerdoodle cookies mingling with the sweet whispers of vanilla. Introducing Snickerdoodle, a handcrafted tallow soap that doesn't just cleanse, it tantalizes your senses and pampers your skin. This irresistible blend captures the nostalgic essence of your favorite childhood treat, while offering the natural goodness of skin-loving botanicals.

A Delight for Your Senses & Skin:

    • Snickerdoodle Bliss: Immerse yourself in the warm, comforting aroma of cinnamon and vanilla, reminiscent of freshly baked cookies. It's an instant mood-booster and a sensory escape in every shower.
    • Nature's Gentle Touch: Made with grass-fed tallow, olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil, this soap nourishes and protects your skin with its natural, moisturizing properties. No harsh chemicals, just pure goodness.
    • Botanical Powerhouse: Guarana root packs a gentle punch with its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and balanced.
    • Sweet Indulgence: A touch of organic cane sugar adds a hint of sweetness, while pure vanilla extractdeepens the delicious aroma, creating a truly indulgent experience.

Snickerdoodle is more than just a soap; it's a sensory ritual:

    • Indulge Your Inner Child: Relive the joyful memories of childhood with every wash. This soap is a playful reminder of simple pleasures and pure happiness.
    • Handcrafted with Love: Made with meticulous attention to detail and only the finest, organic ingredients, you can feel good about nourishing your skin with nature's best.
    • Old-Process Perfection: The traditional old-process method preserves the natural goodness of the ingredients, ensuring a luxurious lather and long-lasting benefits.

Snickerdoodle is perfect for:

    • Those who seek a natural and effective way to cleanse and nourish their skin.
    • Fans of unique, handcrafted soaps with irresistible scents.
    • Anyone who desires a touch of sweetness and joy in their daily routine.
    • The perfect gift for loved ones who appreciate natural beauty, playful scents, and the comforting aroma of home-baked treats.


Ingredients: handmade old-process soap made with grass fed tallow, *olive oil, *coconut oil, *castor oil, *guarana root, Ceylon cinnamon + cinnamon eo, *vanilla extract, *cane sugar. *Organic

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