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Breathe in Autumn: Fall Equinox Simmer Pot Blend

Welcome the crisp embrace of fall with this enchanting blend of spices, crafted to fill your home with the warm essence of the season. Our Fall Equinox Simmer Pot Blend evokes the magic of the changing leaves, offering a sensory journey through nature's vibrant palette.


    • The invigorating citrus notes of orange and grapefruit peel intermingling with the grounding aroma of rosemary and sage.
    • The warm embrace of cinnamon and star anise, weaving in hints of earthiness from cloves and nutmeg.
    • The air infused with the sweet and musky whispers of vanilla bean, rounding out a symphony of autumnal delight.

This is more than just a simmer pot blend; it's an invitation to slow down and savor the season. Let the aroma wash over you, creating a space of cozy comfort and mindful presence.

This blend includes:

    • Citrus Peels (Orange, Grapefruit): Uplifting and invigorating, reminiscent of crisp fall air.
    • Rosemary: Earthy and cleansing, promoting clarity and focus.
    • Bay Leaves: Balancing and calming, fostering peace and tranquility.
    • Star Anise: Warm and sweet, adding a touch of mystery and depth.
    • Cinnamon: Spicy and comforting, evoking memories of cozy fall evenings.
    • Cloves: Warm and slightly pungent, adding a touch of complexity.

How to Use:

    1. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan or slow cooker.
    1. Cover with water, leaving enough space for simmering.
    1. Bring to a simmer over medium heat, then reduce to low.
    1. Let the blend simmer for as long as desired, adding water as needed to maintain a gentle simmer.
    1. Enjoy the aroma filling your home and creating a peaceful ambiance.

Embrace the magic of the fall equinox with this enchanting simmer pot blend. Order yours today and create a cozy, autumnal haven in your home!

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