Collection: SOOTHE

Soothe tense muscles and reconnect with your inner strength. Grounded's all-natural magnesium muscle relaxers offer a natural path to relief rooted in nature's gifts. Crafted in small batches with Dead Sea salt and magnesium glycinate, our magnesium oil is carefully infused in tallow for deep absorption.  Our potent blends go beyond surface tension and assist in deeply releasing strain. Feel the nourishing richness of tallow melt into your skin, delivering deep-down relaxation where it matters most. Magnesium, promotes cellular calmness, eases aches and tension, while Dead Sea salt's mineral magic detoxifies and invigorates. Each massage is an intention to reconnect with your inner strength and rediscover the grounded resilience that lies within. Embrace the power of loving self-care, rooted in nature's embrace.